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Re: Flightly PaleoWorld

>The PaleoWorld series II seems to be sinking to the level of the first
>season. The last one had Larry Martin and Bakker arguing over bird origins.
>Too bad they did not present those better qualified to address the issue. 

Seconded!  With Gardiner thrown in at the end, the whole episode was a loss.
>Martin made odd assertions. His model of Archaeopteryx shows an animal with a
>flat body like a bird, and unlike deep bodied theropods. Birds and bats with
>flat bodies are often preserved belly down, with their limbs spread out to
>either side.

I, too, found that argument very odd.
>Martin also said that theropods like Deinonychus were too deep bodied and big
>to climb, and lacked a reversable toe to grasp branches with. Tell that to a
>leopard, which is as big as the dromaeosaur, deep bodied, and has no hallux
>at all!

Tell it to the black bear, too!

>Chimps are also big and they hunt monkeys in the trees! Of course,
>Martin's assertion was irrelevant arm waving. The theropods ancestoral to
>birds were probably wee little Jurassic forms.  

What I hated was the artists who showed the dromaeosaurs climbing up the
trees with their digit II *extended*!!  If anything, that claw would be the
PRIMARY gripper of the foot, and toes III and IV would be less important.

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