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Re: Dinosaur reclassifications?

>Recent postings have referred to Cathetosaurus as possibly submerged in
>Camarasaurus, and Segnosaurus as synonymous with Therizinosaurus. Anyone
>know the current status of these beasts?

Jack McIntosh and others published an abstract some years ago synonymizing
Cathetosaurus and Camarasaurus.  Most of the alledged "diagnostic" features
of Cathetosaurus turn out to be ontogenetic: it was a REALLY old Camarasaurus.

Segnosaurus is too old (?late Campanian) and too small to be Therizinosaurus
(?early Maastricthian).  Although correlation of the Mongolian sediments
into the global timescale is still uncertain, the Nemegt and equivalents
(from which Therizinosaurus was found) overlies the units which bear

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