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Skull of Quetzalcoatlus

Greetings all..

A quick query. I've seen a number of restorations of Quetzalcoatlus with 
a really hoopy looking hadrosaur-like crest on it's head. However, I 
recently ran across a book which said that a _Q._ skull had finally (!)
been found and it had only a  small backward-pointing  crest, and a low 
ridge running down the beak.ie.                       __
                                                     |  |
                 ______                             /   |
         ____----o  --'                       ___--- o
  This =___________/     as opposed to this =___________/  

My question is; If nobody had found the skull for _Q._ before, where did 
the hadrosaur-like crest idea come from? Was it just something that looked
cool so lots of artists copied it? Was the book wrong when it said that 
no skull had been found until recently? Or/and do these two skulls  
represent different species?

Health, long life, and happiness,

  Sundance O. Bilson-Thompson.     *  
   Adelaide, South Australia       *        Per Ardua Ad Astra
 student Mathematical Physicist    *  (through adversity to the stars)
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