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Re: Dinosaur reclassifications?

In a message dated 95-11-20 21:02:01 EST, endocrin@desktop.com.au (Graeme
Worth) writes:

>Recent postings have referred to Cathetosaurus as possibly submerged in
>Camarasaurus, and Segnosaurus as synonymous with Therizinosaurus. Anyone
>know the current status of these beasts?

Cathetosaurus lewisi was referred to Camarasaurus as Camarasaurus lewisi back
in 1992 by Miller, McIntosh, Stadtman & Gillette in an abstract to a
presentation at the 1992 SVP meeting.

Some people have bandied about a synonymy of Segnosaurus and Therizinosaurus,
but I think this is presently unlikely. Therizinosaurus foreclaws were quite
large (world-record-size) and the forelimb seems too big to have belonged to
Segnosaurus; enormously long foreclaws are not known for Segnosaurus.
Unfortunately, we don't know enough about the anatomy Therizinosaurus and
Segnosaurus to be certain about this--and I would keep them distinct until
more information becomes available. Also, they're from different formations:
Therizinosaurus is one of the geologically youngest-known segnosaurians
(Nanshiungosaurus may be the same age) as well as the largest.