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On Nov20,95, Darren Naish writes:
>I haven't yet found a source saying whether or not testudinid
>turtles can swim - I know they float - and my humane (very ironic word)
>ideals prevent me from undergoing any attempt at practical

Most testudinid turtles just float, and float very well considering how
many islands they have colonized, but I know that certain testudinid
species of the genus _Kinixys_ are water loving if not quasi-aquatic,
floating but flailing somewhat effectively.  I read a report somewhere
that _K.homeana_, if close to a moving body of water, would scuffle into
the water oftentimes to escape instead of retreating into its shell.

All other aquatic turtles sink like a stone when put in water - for them
its easier to swim to the surface than try to counteract a specific
gravity that's lower than water!