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> In fact, aside from the specialized land birds (hummingbirds, swifts,
> swallows, martins, colies all being good examples), unfairly
> mutated domestic dogs, and pathetic humans, all tetrapods are competent
> swimmers. 

Someone recently pointed out that nitpicking is fun, so in that spirit I 
can suggest one tetrapod that can't swim (or at least doesn't want to). 
The Shingleback Skink - Tiliqua rugosa (or sleepy lizard where I come 
from) seems to be to dense to float. When they fall into a body of water 
they simply crawl slowly along the bottom until they find a way out 
(observation based on a friends captive colony). Their density may be due 
to their enlarged armour-like scales with dense bony cores. It is also 
interesting to note that these lizards break other rules. They are true 
poikilothermic ectotherms, yet they show advanced parental care with the 
offspring staying with the mother for about a year. They also maintain 
monogamous relationships with high fidelity. What does this have to do 
with dinosaurs? - not much.

Adam Yates .