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Re: T. rex & BHI

>I greet the rumor with anxiety about the possible fate of these supposed
>new specimens. I am involved with work on T. rex - every new specimen is a
>potential goldmine to scientists, and to others like BHI. So, to me, the
>rumor is good news (possible new information eventually) and bad news (I
>won't mention the S-- word as an example). Overall, it is initially
>disturbing news, but time will tell.

You are certainly entitled to your own opinions about the BHIGR and the
business they are in (this list certainly covers the spectrum). But
everything that I have read and heard indicates that S-- was available
for scientific study UNTIL the US govt. confiscated the specimen.
Now odds are high that S-- will disappear from public access, where
originally she was destined for a museum (albeit private).  If you
have information to the contrary, I'm sure this list would love to
hear it.