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Re: T. rex & BHI


Why do I find the rumor that BHI has found 8 T. rex specimens disturbing?

Not to rekindle a topic of passionate discussion (the resulting groans
would be deafening, I think, so let's not go there), but personally I find
BHI's motives questionable. They have not earned any trust with me yet, so
I greet the rumor with anxiety about the possible fate of these supposed
new specimens. I am involved with work on T. rex - every new specimen is a
potential goldmine to scientists, and to others like BHI. So, to me, the
rumor is good news (possible new information eventually) and bad news (I
won't mention the S-- word as an example). Overall, it is initially
disturbing news, but time will tell.

What I really wanted to know was if the rumor can be substantiated by
anyone else; it originally came from Science News, I believe. Thanks!

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