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Re: VP Correspondence Cou

LI>To: dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu
LI>Subject: Re: VP Correspondence Course?

LI>I have had several requests for something like this, from everyone from
LI>rural communities to one person in jail. (!) If you think there's
LI>sufficient interest, write to me and say so. I am one of the US
LI>coordinators for International Academic Projects of London, which already
LI>has a lot of the mechanisms in place to distribute a correspondence
LI>course at a good academic level. So far, I haven't found any existing
LI>course, but I'd be pleased to list them in the SVP Opportunties brochure
LI>if they're out there. Cheers, Sally Shelton

Sally, I would love to have a chance for such a course.  I'm sure there
are several more lurkers here who would also be interested.  It would be
something to keep me busy in the evenings while traveling the world on

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