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Re: human/dinosaur co-existance

> To pick nits: even with the widest possible definition of
> Homo sapiens, the earliest known fossils of it only go back
> about [several hundred thousand years].

  Nit-picking is indeed fun: And someone should remark that a moderate
proportion of paleoanthropologists seem to think that _Homo_erectus_
is the same taxon as _Homo_sapiens_, in which case _H._sapiens_ dates
from (roughly) 1.6 to 2.0 million years before the present.
  In that interpretation, in the early part of its existence it did
indeed coexist with several other hominid taxa -- _H._habilis_ and
_Australopithecus_boisei_/_A._robustus_ (the last two of which most
people think of as separate species), as well as possibly the much
less certain taxon _H._ergaster_.  But again in that interpretation, 
all known hominids within (roughly) at least the last million years
are members of the same taxon, _H._sapiens_.

  Not ob-dinosaur, but at least ob-cladistic-flame-wars, which is,
after all, what this group is about, isn't it?      :-)

                                                --  Jay Freeman