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Re: human/dinosaur co-existance

>The dinosaur tracks at Glen Rose, Texas were recently mentioned by Glen 
>Kuban, and it brought to mind a question.  I saw the tracks at Glen Rose 
>that supposedly have human footprints from the same time period crossing 
>them.  What is the general consensus on this topic?  Did humans and 
>dinosaurs co-exist?


Well, for us cladists, humans coexist with 9000 species of highly derived
maniraptoran coelurosaurs (aka, birds), and many Americans are looking
forward to eating a particularly large form later this week.

However, the last nonavian dinosaur (or just plain dinosaur for the
phylogenetic taxonomy impaired) died out around 65 million years ago, while
the human-chimp divergance is something like 6 million years ago, and the
earliest members of our species (Homo sapiens) is around 900,000 years ago.

So, no, humans missed the last nonavian dinosaurs by some 64 million years.

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