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Dinoart Web site

Just a short note about the Dinosaur Art web site. We have several updates 
that we think you'll find interesting.  There are several new links to 
various dinosaur art sources, including Roby Braun's web site. Artists Tony 
McVey and Rich Speers have displays. There is a page dealing with 
"Prehistoric Times" magazine which is an excellent source for kits and other 
dinosaur stuff. We have two new model reviews: A Tyrannosaurus rex from 
Horizon models, and a Carnotaurus sastrei from Lunar Models. Stop by and 
visit if you get the chance.


Please let me know if you find any of my usual spelling errors. I ran every 
thing through the smell chugger and everything seamed oj.


John Rafert, M.S., R.T.(R)
Associate Professor of Radiologic Sciences
Indiana University School of Medicine
School of Allied Health Sciences
E-mail: jrafert@xray.indyrad.iupui.edu
Phone:  1.317.274.5255

Dinoart Home Page: http://www.indyrad.iupui.edu/dinoart.html