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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #25

A couple of notes from Graeme Worth inspire the following little notice:

Chondrosteus should be removed from the list. As far as I have been able to
determine, it is a misspelling by von Huene of Chondrosteosaurus and not a
prior but preoccupied spelling of the latter name. It also happens to be the
name of a fish of some kind, which may be why Owen employed Chondrosteosaurus
as the name of the sauropod. This brings the genera count down to 775.

Gracilisuchus is a thecodontian (that is, an archosaur that is neither a
dinosaur nor a pterosaur) and should be tagged with an asterisk. It was
considered a dinosaur when it was included in Ornithosuchia, back in the
early 1970s.