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Re: DINOSAUR digest 705

>        Well, sounds like you already know more about it than _I_ do!  8-)
>'Course, if you can buy a stereoscope, then you've got more money to play
>with all those cool toys than I do, too (ah, the perils of studenthood...)
>;-)  The question, though, is:  what are the techniques of using a scanner,
>Photoshop (or somesuch program) and a printer into printing the best images
>one can get?
>Jerry D. Harris                       (214) 768-2750

Since I'm not a student (at a school anyway), and I'm forced to work for a
living 8), I occassionally have disposable income for such toys as the
stereoscope.  BTW, it was a Russian model for $500.  Now if I can only get a
used scanning electron m'scope for under $5000. <vbg>

I have a nice relationship with a graphics/video business called How it
Works where I can scan and use Photoshop (and other tools) to correct,
enhance and control the final images. In addition, I can fire the data right
into a Color Printer and make PHOTOGRAPHIC (not laser) prints up to 11x17.
This could be a possible service to others in the future, but I will avoid
any commercial comments.  In fact, I will be pursuing this concept with
non-professional paleontologists as a means of getting our stuff out in
print within the bounds of reasonable costs.

Within the context of the threads on publishing on the net, I can attest
that the means are available, today, for the publishing part.  The peer
review and editorial issues are entirely separate.

regards as always!
           Michael "We're not in Kansas anymore" Sternberg
      Non-Professional Paleontologist and natural curiousitarian
(360) 293-2405 if it's about fossils or the Northwest Paleontological

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