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Re: Great Mambo Dinosaurs

>        Anyway, my question: what about Collossochelys (aka Geochelys?)
>which is an obscenely big tortoise from India- a couple tons or so, if I
>remember correctly. How does this fit in? What about Megalania? Wasn't it
>about a ton in weight?

Megalania was a giant varanid known from Pleistocene deposits of Australia.
YOu may be confusing it with Miolania, large terrestrial turtles from
Miocene to Plesitocene deopsits of Australia and near-by islands. Megalania
reached estimated lengths of over 6 metres and probably weighed in at over
2,500kg. The largest species of Miolania were no more than around 1.5
metres long and clock in at up to 1,000 kg. The material for both Megalania
and Miolania is pretty fragmentary to error estimates whould be around 50%
on these guestimates.

On a different tack, the original confusion between Miolania and Megalania
actually extends back to Sir Richard Owen who originall described a
combination of material from the two as a single huge lizard, Miolania.
Subsequently, more material revealed his mistake and he erected Megalania
for the varanid and transfered Miolania to the turtles.

Cheers, Paul