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A Set of Standards

Hello all,

Now that we've established that professional community seeks the
contributions and energies of amatuers there should be a "set of standards"
which will mark a dedicated amatuer. This mark should be an acceptance, by
professionals and others, that this person is knowledgeable about
paleontology. Maybe not degreeed, but having gone to the effort to obtain
that "license" I keep harping about.

Hows this, for an outline of minimum achievements, in getting said license:

1.  Fully Participate in an organized dig, or digs, lead by a Dr. of
paelontology with a total exposure to all phases of field work. The time
spent on such digs should exceed 40 hrs(More? Less?). Upon completion of this
requirement a signed letter of reference from the dig leader must be

2. Be able to identify fossil baring strata, and demonstrate a close
aproximation of the time frame of the deposit by the fossils encountered.

3. Aquire reference material, or show access to such, that provide the
licensee with sufficent ongoing data to do follw-up research.

4. Be able to pass a written examination, possibly witnessed at a public
school, on the general knowledge of paleontology and related sciences.

5. Swear to reort all important finds, destory no fossil in attempting to
collect, keep records and report anually to whomever the licensing authority
might eventually be.

Come on folks, let's get the ball rolling on this. A vast resouce, with a
little help, is waiting to be used. With a little recognition and
encouragement we amatuers would be willing to go that extra mile for you
pros, and PAY YOU to let us! :-)

"Aint no sunshie when she's gone, and she's always gone too long, anytime she
goes away."

Roger A. Stepehnson