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Re: human/dinosaur co-existance

>The dinosaur tracks at Glen Rose, Texas were recently mentioned by Glen 
>Kuban, and it brought to mind a question.  I saw the tracks at Glen Rose 
>that supposedly have human footprints from the same time period crossing 
>them.  What is the general consensus on this topic?  Did humans and 
>dinosaurs co-exist?
>Miriam C. Ligon

Answer #1:
As my great-great-grandfather Charles Hazelnut Sternberg used to tell it,
the story goes something like this:

"It was wilder back then, you know, not like today, what with the flood and
dinosaurs and all.  Me 'n the boys would track 'em, catch 'em, skin 'em and
send them off to that Cope guy.  One day, a golldarn flaming hot one it was,
we were following some of the critters along the Paluxy river down in Texas.
Trying not to spook the beasts, we took our boots off soes we wouldn't make
any noise on the rocks.  Well, as luck would have it, the wind turned and
they caught a sniff of us and began to trot off.  We darn near had to run to
keep up with them, but they turned down to the river bottom and that blasted
Texas clay stuck to our feet like biscuit dough.  Well we struggled on for
about 30 yards or so, working hard to stay out of their bathtub-size tracks
and yet out of the river current.  Nothing like quitting when you wanna keep
goin', but that's what we had to do.  Lost every one of those pesky rascals."

So I guess humans and dinosaurs did coexist, least that's what the story says.

Answer #2
Actually, there are no human footprints at the site.  None, nada, zero.  

use Answer#1 if you were pulling our leg(s).
use Answer#2 if you were serious.
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