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Erlikosaurus =? Segnosaurus?

I recently purchased the "Dinosaur Discovery" CD-ROM, which our very own
Dinogeorge had a hand in making, along with Peter Dodson.  
Anyway, whilst perusing, I found the Segnosaurs.  Two members of this group,
_Erlikosaurus_ and _Segnosaurus_ were found to be quite similar, except the
foot bones of the former were more slender than those of the latter, among
other things, I would guess.  Anyway, my question is this (as if you couldn't
tell by the Subject):  is it possible that _Erlikosaurus_ and _Segnosaurus_
actually belong to the same genus, and possibly even species?  Since both
were found in the same formation in Mongolia, it doesn't seem to be
completely out of the question.  It is possible, I would think, that _E._,
being the slenderer animal, might represent either 1) a juvenile Segnosaur,
2) an underweight adult Segnosaur, or 3) a sexual dimorph of _S._.  What
characters are present which warrants placing the the two in separate genera?

Thanks in advance for any info!