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Re: DINOSAUR digest 702

>        Anyway, I digress.  My point/suggestion/question here was:  maybe,
>if the pictures on-line were halftone, then when someone downloads the
>file, perhaps running the image through a software filter (I dunno, doctor
>it up via Photoshop or somesuch?  I've never used those programs...) to
>keep some resolution while printing?  I know that there are interesting
>tricks one can perform with a scanner and printer to get output to be at
>higher resolution than is otherwise listed as nominal for the printer
>(something like scanning at a very low resolution but printing at a high
>one, or vice-versa, or something like that) -- could the same be done with
>a software program?

Jerry- for a test, you could download one of my Chuckanut flora photos from
my web site and try printing it out.  The URL is
http://www.cnw.com/~mstern/pics.html , you can ftp it as well.

The photos were scanned with an HP Scanner, composed and optimized for video
display using Photoshop and saved in jpeg format.  I chose to keep them in
color, although 256 greyscale would have resulted in smaller files.  I am
just beginning to document all my fossils on film and last week purchased a
stereoscope for higher magnifications as necessary.  Needless to say, I have
a lot to learn about lighting and image orientation.  And a good macro lens
would really help too (are you listening Santa?).

Michael "We're not in Kansas anymore" Sternberg
Amateur paleontologist and natural historian
(360) 293-2405 if it's about fossils

Cascadia - A PaleoHomePage 
at http://www.cnw.com/~mstern/