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On Fri, 17 Nov 1995 GSP1954@aol.com wrote:

> Concerning swimming theropods -
> Most animals are good swimmers. Throw 
> a cat in the water and  it will swim just fine thank you. Elephants are good
> swimmers ( as shown on some recent TV ads) that move between islands. The big
> ground birds, emus etc, have been observed swimming across rivers etc. With
> their long bird-like legs with long toes, and a sculling tail, theropods were
> probably better swimmers than birds, but not as good as crocs. This does not
> mean they were specialized swimmers, just that they could when needed, and
> were able to pursue prey into the water (like some living big carnivores do).
> So sauropods and hadrosaurs probably did not find safety by dashing into
> water. There are trackways that may show scratch marks by the claws of
> swimming theropods, but this is not certain.
> GSPaul 
        At home, deer commonly move between small islands separated by 
about a mile and a half from shore and from each other. They have the 
advantage of hollow hairs, though. My father once observed a group of 
deer some ridiculous distance- thirty or forty miles- from the nearest 
land (not necessarily from where they started out) and headed in the 
wrong direction.