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Re: Mystery article in t.o. archive

    A couple days ago I posted a message relating that in the talk 
origins archives I was surprised to find a copy of an article I had 
written, but which was slightly changed and miscredited to Ron 
Hastings.  I asked for help from anyone involved in t.o.  
    I would like to report that the Brett Vikers, Peter Lamb, Jim 
Foley, Mickey R. and others at t.o. and dinosuars have been very 
helpful in researching and resolving the matter.  We are almost to
the bottom of the mystery, and I believe I have enough information
to finish putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  I do not want
to say much more until I know all of the facts however.  At this point 
I can say that most of the problem evidently occurred BEFORE the t.o.  
people received the post containing the article.  The article has been 
removed from the archives and will soon be replaced with a new, correct 
    I again want to thank all those who helped research and resolve the 

Glen J. Kuban