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Re: Paluxy tracks followup

>From: paleo@ix.netcom.com (Glen J. Kuban )
 >     Second, in a direct post to me I was asked whether any of the 
 > Paluxy tracks are still visible.  Since this may be of interest to 
 > others, I want to answer it publicly.  The answer is yes, depending
 > on when you visit, and which tracks you want to see.  In the Glen Rose 
 > area, most of the tracks are in the Paluxy Riverbed, which is under 
 > water in most places most of the year.  Only in mid to late summer are 
 > some of the sites exposed or almost dry, but even then one should take 
 > along a shovel and broom or brush to clean off the tracks, since mud 
 > and debris often accumulate on them. 

And remember your wading boots!  You *are* going to get wet!

 > Many tracks are accessible in 
 > summer in Dinosaur Valley State Park, just west of downtown Glen Rose,

Yep, I have been there.  It is a nice park, whether you want to
see dino tracks or just have a picnic and go wading in the river.

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