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>>Now, among dinosaurian prey, mostly the herbivores, which ones use the
>>"fight" and "flight" techniques to survive predators?

You seem to forget the third option: the buddy system (as in, when the bear
shows up, feed him your buddy).  This is a very common method of protection
in nature, especially for groups with a very good potential for replacing
lost numbers (i.e., dinosaurs).

>>1) Ceratopians?
>-Small genera would usually use flight, while the larger would choose fight.
>>2) Hadrosaurs?
>-Flight mostly

>>3) Hypsilophodontids?
Flight & numbers

>>5) Iguanodonts?
>>7) Diplodocids?
The whip-tail is a damn good defense, too, as well as sheer bulk.

>>8) Brachiosaurs? 
Size is probably the main defense here.

>>14) Ornithomimosaurs?
>>15) Plateosaurs?
The big thumb claw might be a good defense.

And as for therizinosauroids: the claws, especially the meter plus long
claws of Therizinosaurus itself, would be a damn good defense, especially in
an animal which sacrificed most of the normal theropod cursorial adaptations.

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