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Re: Dinosaur illustrations

On this note...

Over the summer I was comissioned to revise the kids' dinosaur placemat
put out by a company called The Straight Edge under the "Read-A-Mat" logo.
The thing's been printed now, and I'm rather pleased with the proof copy
I've received; I tried my best to use the most accurate and up-to-date
anatomical information I could, and I sincerely hope the final result is
acceptable (I've run it by a few professional paleontologists, so I've
got a pretty good feeling about it).  The colors are by necessity a bit
brighter than seems likely to me, but I did try to employ natural patterning
and I don't think any of it is completely off the wall.

The nub of my gist is this -- the mat should be hitting stores as soon as
they run out of the older version, starting sometime this month.  I
presume they'll be in museum gift shops, children's stores, tableware
places and the like.  If anyone sees a copy, I'd love to know what they
think (for yay or *ulp* nay)!  I'm a student paleontologist rather than a
professional artist, and I'm not receiving any sort of cut of the
profits, so I hope this posting is viewed as an announcement/request for
input, rather than an unwarranted advertisement.  I apologise if this
seems presumptuous; this is my first "publication", and I'm a bit
overenthused about the project.

It should be fairly easy to differentiate between the old and new versions
(I hope!) based on realism alone, but just in case, mine is the one with the
_Parasaurolophus_.  I hope someone out there likes it!

  Dan Lipkowitz

(I should also take this opportunity to once again extend my thanks to Tom
Holtz, who gave me a few excellent suggestions and some vital data a few
months back. Much appreciated, Tom!)