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Re: DINOSAUR digest 702

>Most of us are, of course, satisfied with lower-grade reproductions when we
>photocopy papers for our files. I would positively enjoy electronic
>_distribution_ of papers, as long as a well-defined, quality-printed final
>product were to ensue for the permanent record.

        I have found that, for photos which display tiny details or which
are in color, I scan them into my home computer and print them that way
(I've got a 600dpi printer; better than most), and that works a _lot_
better than a mere xerox copy (but still not the quality of an original
halftone, for which one would need a photoimager, and those are a bit too
costly for most people's home use!)  It's also a _lot_ slower, even using
handy utilities like HP Copier.  It also requires access to a scanner and
to a high(er) resolution printer, which I realize not everyone has.  For a
good approximation of halftone photos in a journal, I've also used a color
copier, and the end result comes out a little brown, but very close to the
original.  That's expensive, though.  Thankfully, some newer model copiers
have a "photo" option that provides better than normal resolution of pages
with photos on them.

        Anyway, I digress.  My point/suggestion/question here was:  maybe,
if the pictures on-line were halftone, then when someone downloads the
file, perhaps running the image through a software filter (I dunno, doctor
it up via Photoshop or somesuch?  I've never used those programs...) to
keep some resolution while printing?  I know that there are interesting
tricks one can perform with a scanner and printer to get output to be at
higher resolution than is otherwise listed as nominal for the printer
(something like scanning at a very low resolution but printing at a high
one, or vice-versa, or something like that) -- could the same be done with
a software program?

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