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Flat earth next?

          Alabama Texts to have message on Evolution

          From St. Louis Post Dispatch 11 November 1995 Montgomery, Ala
          The Alabama state school board voted 6-1 with one abstention
          Thursday to insert a message in new biology textbooks telling
          students that evolution is a theory not a fact.
            The message was requested by members of the conservative Eagle
          Forum, which argued that evolution was presented in the
          textbooks as indisputable. The 250-word insert begins, "This
          textbook discusses evolution, a controversial theory some
          scientists present as a scientific explanation for the origin of
          living things, such as plants, animals and humans. No one was
          present when life first appeared on Earth. Therefore any
          statement about life;s origins should be considered as theory,
          not fact."
            It concludes with ""Study hard and keep an open mind. Someday
          you may contribute to the theories of how livings things
          appeared on Earth."
             One member abstained. Gov. Fob James, ex-officio president of
          the board, was absent, bug said earlier that he believed the
          Bible's account of the creation of life.
              Ethel Hall, the board vice present who dissented, said the
          wording of the insert was too complicated for  ninth-graders.
          "It has more to do with peoples' religious beliefs that they can
          separate" from scientific thought, she said.

Landis D. Ragon

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