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Re: Please flog me

First, Yes of course Jerry we can be friends.  I obviously 
misinterpreted your remarks and repeat my apology.  Even if
you had been a creationist, I my intent would have been to
correct your understanding, not become enemies.  But to everyone
who feels I have not taken enough of a beating for jumping to
the wrong conclusion, feel free to get it off your chest.  I'll
take it.  I really did not mean any harm though.  It was a simple
misinterpretation based in part on the other things I was dealing
with yesterday.  
    By the way, I have calmed down too about my article being 
modified and miscredited, but I would like to get it corrected.
I've sent messages to the talk.orgins people but have heard nothing 
yet.  Are any of you guys or gals on Dinosaur involved in the t.o.
archives, or have any clues?  Thanks.