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Re: DINOSAUR digest 701

>The Kentucky Carboniferous prints were illustrated in about 1940 in _Scientific
>American_.  The author of that article thought they were the prints of a
>large amphibian.  However, the article in the 1983 issue of the _Journal of
>Geological Education_ shows that they are Indian petroglyphs.  Not only
>are the toes all wrong, but they change number from print to print. Even more
>damning is the fact that the "tracks" cut across bedding.  Unfortunately, it
>is my understanding that these "tracks" were vandalized/stolen by artifact
>collectors some years back.  We can expect the creationists to mystery monger
>these carvings for years to come.

 Ah yes; thanks for the clarification -- I just yanked the artilce out for
the reference, and depended on my always undependable memory for the
information therein.  Someday I'll learn...  ;-)

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