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Re: DINOSAUR digest 701

On Thu, 16 Nov 1995 11:12:30 -0500 you said:

>                                                   I in no way, shape, or
>form believe in any of these "antideluvian" human footprints; I merely
>pointed out the article to anyone interested in other instances outside the
>Cretaceous where creationists have reported "human tracks."  The article
>sites some peculiar things in Carboniferous rocks of Kentucky that do bear
>a peculiar similarity to human footprints, except for extra toes and
>misshapen proportions.  The article cannot provide a good example of what
>may have created these remains, but humans, of course, are straight _out_!
>My completed off-the-top-of-my-head guess might be some strangely shaped
>sponges, but I haven't seen the "prints" to be sure...  Some of the other
>ones in the article are petroglyphs, and others are simply erosional
>features.  I reiterate that neither the article nor myself is purporting
>that any of these things are of pre-Quaternary human tracks (except the one
>instance of verified human tracks in a Pleisto-Holocene mud flow in
>Nicaragua cited in the article).

The Kentucky Carboniferous prints were illustrated in about 1940 in _Scientific
American_.  The author of that article thought they were the prints of a
large amphibian.  However, the article in the 1983 issue of the _Journal of
Geological Education_ shows that they are Indian petroglyphs.  Not only
are the toes all wrong, but they change number from print to print. Even more
damning is the fact that the "tracks" cut across bedding.  Unfortunately, it
is my understanding that these "tracks" were vandalized/stolen by artifact
collectors some years back.  We can expect the creationists to mystery monger
these carvings for years to come.

>Jerry D. Harris


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