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Re: Great Mambo Dinosaurs

>Both Meglania and Geochelone atlas weighed about one tonne according to my
>models. Classic reptiles do not get any bigger, perhaps because they are not
>energetic enough.

I don't know if you consider crocodiles to be "classic" reptiles, but some
captive saltwater crocs have reached 1000 kg., and Deinosuchus (or whatever
its proper name is) was a lot bigger than that.  I realize that you are
talking about land animals, but are there any weight estimates for the
largest mosasaurs?  Creatures like Shunisaurus and Kronosaurus must have
topped one ton, too.  I also wonder about something like Moschops, though I
realize that synapsids may have had a non-"reptilian" metabolism, whatever
that means.
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