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Re: Plea for pardon, request for info

presumptuous about Jerrys's recent posting about human track claims 
from other areas.  Soon after I did it I realized I had overreacted, 
and expected to get chewed out over it.  I'll take my lumps, and I had 
already posted another apology about this before Mikey sent his post.  
     As I said I was having a bad day, partly because I had just
discovered that the article Mikey invited readers to access on the
talk.origins by Ron Hastings was actually an article my myself that was 
plagerized.  Someone took one of my articles, made a few minor changes, 
put Ron's name on it, and posted it to the archives.  After talking 
directly to Ron I accept his word that he did not do the posting, so I 
am confused as to how it got posted in that form, and without either of 
us being aware of it. I have recently posted a separate and longer 
message about it.  If anyone knows anything about this, I would 
appreciate the info. 
    Again, I apologize for jumping on Jerry like that--upon re-reading 
the post I think I did read too much into it.  By the way, I never said 
or implied that he was a "lunatic," my worst suspicions was that he 
might be weakly entertain the notion of out of place human tracks.  I 
had not basis for that either, but even if I did I would not assume he 
was a lunatic.  I would not assume he is any crazier than the rest of 
us still playing with dinosaurs and all.

Glen J. Kuban  paleo@ix.netcom.com