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Re: Paluxy tracks followup

In a message dated 95-11-16 10:17:49 EST, paleo@ix.netcom.com (Glen J. Kuban)

> Upon choosing the pointer to an 
>Article entitled "ManTracks by Ron Hastings," up came a slightly 
>revised copy of an article that I myself, not Ron, had written.  The 
>only difference was that it had Ron's name on it, a few minor wording 
>changes, and a few new sentences.  But about 90% of it was exactly as 
>written in my own summary--with many sentences and even paragraphs word 
>for word the same.  Needless to say I was quite surprised and 
>taken-aback.  If this was done by a student any teacher would 
>immediately give the paper an F for plagerism.  It was hard for me to 
>believe that Ron would do this, since he has written many of his own 
>papers on the subject, and could have easily posted one of them (or a 
>shortened version) rather than put his name on a slightly modified 
>version of one of my papers.  So I called Ron, at which point the plot 
>thickened. He indicated that he did not post my summary to the 
>archives, did not make the changes, and had no knowledge that it was 
>even there.  He was as disturbed and befuddled as I was as to how it 
>got there, and why someone would take a summary I had written, make a 
>few minor changes, put Ron's name as the author, and then post it to a 
>permanent Internet site without consulting either one of us.  I intend 
>to pursue the matter and find out how this happened.  In the meantime, 
>since readers have been invited to read the artivle, I wanted to inform 
>everyone here of this situation.  Even though the information in the 
>artivle is still largely accurate (since it is not changed much from my 
>original), it is upsetting to me that one of my articles was posted 
>without my permission, with modifications made, and with someone elses 
>name on it--especially in an archive that has articles complaining of 
>lack of creationist integrity.  I intend to pursue this with whoever is 
>managing the archives, and will let readers know the outcome (at the 
>least I want the authorship corrected.  

Ah--the perils of electronic publishing!