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Re: publishing on the web

In a message dated 95-11-16 09:55:58 EST, Rab3 writes:

<< Granted but with the advancements that are being made in this area, and
the benefits to be gained of almost instantaneous transmission to all who are
interested, wouldn't this outweigh the disadvantage of no or inadequate

Most of us are, of course, satisfied with lower-grade reproductions when we
photocopy papers for our files. I would positively enjoy electronic
_distribution_ of papers, as long as a well-defined, quality-printed final
product were to ensue for the permanent record. It doesn't much matter how it
is printed, just that it be available to anyone who needs it, even two or
three centuries from now (assuming there will be no collapse of
civilization). There is also a nomenclatural priority problem: When are we to
consider a taxon and its description to have been published? When the paper
is first distributed electronically, when a final version is published on the
web, or when a final version is formally published on paper in a journal?