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> Concerning plantigrade theropod trackways, I have seen TV video of a heron
> stalking doves(!) at a water hole, and it often went plantigrade as it
> crouched down.  
> GSPaul

For those of you not yet fortunate enough to have seen this behaviour, the
herons (can't tell you exactly what species.. but an _Ardea_ one) crouch on the
mudflats and, slowly and gingerly, creep up on the 3 or 4 doves gathered around
a little puddle or pool. Small doves, when pre-occupied with courtship, are
largely unawares of their surroundings. The NG film on Etosha shows a displaying
dove (same species.. but don't know what that is either.. could be the Collared
dove) near a waterhole that gets grabbed and drowned by a turtle. 

Anyway, when it gets within striking range, the heron lunges for a bird and, as
it would with a fish, impales it on its bill. Wow! It then swallows the dove,
head first, again just as it would a fish. Believe me, you really have to see
it.. And you thought herons were 'nice'. I haven't yet spoken to an
ornithologist that is aware of, or accepts the validity of, this behaviour. I
tell them to watch more TV.

"Strike me down and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine"