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Re: publishing on the web


<Taking a flying leap to land squarely atop my soapbox...>

Make no mistake about it, electronic publishing is here. It will  

Think of monasteries--before the invention of the printing  
press. Hot places for learning, new ideas, etc. Those folks  
controlled the flow of information. Now think of the modern  
connotations of the word 'monastery.'

Post-printing press, publishers and universities have controlled  
the flow of scholarly information.

What will happen in the world of electronic publishing? What  
entities will control the flow of information? MCI? Sprint?  
Time-Warner? Ted Turner?

As information producers and consumers, you will want to think  
about the issues of who controls information flow, how it's  
distributed, and so on.

<Gliding, ever-so-gently, like Archeopteryx(?) from the top of  
the soapbox to the ground...>

Kata McCarville
Colorado School of Mines