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Battat Museum of Science Dinosaurs

   I'm cross-posting this to sci.bio.palentology and the Dinosaur Mailing 
List.  With Christmas coming up there's bound to be interest.

   The Battat Museum of Science collection of dinosaurs suffers from a design 
flaw:  the plastic is too elastic.  All of the figures deform under their own 
weight to some degree.  For most this is not serious; for two it is very 

   Battat is aware of this problem, but I do not know if they intend to do 
anything about it.

   Due to the flaw, I have reduced prices on the collection.  Each figure's 
price has been reduced by an amount proportional to the degree they suffer 
from the design flaw.  To my knowledge, no other dealer is doing this.

   All my customers who have purchased items from the collection will receive 
store credit in the amount equal to the price decreases.  I doubt any other 
dealer is doing this.

   The credit will be good on future orders or towards additional items on 
orders not yet shipped.

   The collection also seems more susceptible to paint damage than, say, the 
Safari collection.  However, despite these flaws, I still consider them to be 
excellent figures and a great addition to anybody's collection.  Indeed, the 
T. rex and Triceratops figures put the related Safari figures to shame.

   Thanks for your time, and Merry Christmas (yeah, yeah, I know, it isn't 
even Thanksgiving.  Just the same, other stores put out their Christmas stuff 
the day after Halloween....)

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