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Re: DINOSAUR digest 698

>Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 11:28:43 -0800
>From: paleo@ix.netcom.com (Glen J. Kuban )
>To: dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu
>Subject: Re: "Human" & dino prints
>Message-ID: <199511141928.LAA20662@ix12.ix.netcom.com>
>IN refards to the recent posts by DLarin and Sharon Cronin on the Texas
>"man"/dinosaur footprint controversy.
>I spent over fifteen years of my life researching this controversy as
>well as doing serious field work on the tracks in Glen Rose, and was
>intimately involved in the resolution of the controversy through a
>number of pubished articles.  I will soon post a list of key articles
>on this topic, as well as make detailed summaries of the controversy
>available through snail mail (and eventually an Internet site).
>Most of Sharon Cronin's comments were correct as far as they went,
>except that she mentioned only two types of "man tracks"--forgeries and
>dinosaur tracks.  The alleged human tracks actually involved indistinct
>or distorted metarsal dinosaur tracks, erosional markings, carbings,
>and a few other spurious marks, listed here in order of their
>commonness and importance in the controversy.

        I will leave the expert and educated opinion of Dr. Kuban to
explain the Glen Rose "human" tracks -- suffice to say that there are
non-faked tracks that some creationists still purport are human tracks
based on funky track morphology.

        What I _did_ want to add, though, is that the creationist
assertions of "human" tracks are not limited to Glen Rose, or the
Cretaceous, or even the Mesozoic.  An interesting article that covers some
of the more unusual (and some were, at the time of the article's writing,
inexplicable even by geologists!) is:

Monroe, J.S. (1987).  "Creationism, Human footprints, and Flood Geology,"
         _Journal of Geological Education_ 35:  93-103.

It covers purported "human tracks" in rocks as far back as the
Carboniferous and as recent as "giant" footprints in the Pleistocene.

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