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Re: publishing on the web

>From: jpoling@infinet.com (Jeff Poling)
 > >Not really.  Most people just photocopy articles.  Generally only
 > >libraries, corporations, and professors on grants actually *subscribe*
 > >to a journal! [With the exception of the cheaper ones like _Science_
 > >and _Nature_].
 >   Illegal, unless the journal gives specific permission. That's neither
 > here nor there, I suppose.

Making one copy of one article for personal use is generally considered
fair use copying, and thus legitimate.
 > >Even the rather basic printer we have here at work does pictures
 > >better than a photocopy machine does.  My printer at home even does
 > >color (and it isn't exactly top of the line either)!
 > No doubt.  The question then becomes 1) is it ultimately cheaper and 2)
 > is the quality of the pictures good enough for peer review. 

The main journal would be online, and it is the quality of the
online version that would matter most.  Personal copies made by
printing off an article would be whaterver quality the reader
has the desire and resources for.  Today many people are quite
satisfied with photocopies, so these same people would be satisfied
with a standard printer copy.

Of course the paper *archive* copies must be full quality, and
thus must come from an expensive printer, and be made on quality

 >  If, today,
 > everybody merely photocopies articles, then the answer to number two is
 > "yes."  This brings up another question, though.  Dinogeorge states that
 > pictures must be really good for proper review.  If professional reviews are
 > based on poor pictures, what does that have to say about the current review
 > process ... if not the reviews themselves? 

The official copy - in the journal - is quite good (usually). Those
who need that level of detail either subscribe or order a reprint
of one article or pay to get a high-quality copy made

Thus all that is needed online is that the graphics be good enough
on a VGA monitor or better.  That would be the "official review"

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