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RE: Dinos on the WEB? Please respond

>From: Derek Tearne <derek@iconz.co.nz>
 > Computers are getting significantly cheaper by the minute.  I would suspect
 > this problem will be no more severe than the current problems in 
 > libraries at the moment  ...

Not to mention, I know of one university that is putting in network
jacks in all the dorm rooms.
 > The BIG advantage of journals on the web even now is that I could keep
 > up with my disparate areas of interest without having to 
 > subscribe to 30 really expensive journals which I don't have ready access 
 > too.

Exactly.  In fact my main problem in keeping up on new dinosaurs
is the fact that I cannot get many of the journals they are published
in without a subscription. [Not to mention trying to keep up on
community ecology - anybody got Folio Geobot., Phytotax., vol 30 ?].

I think we might be able to set up a two stage process to help weed
out the dreck.  The author could submit the article, and if the
editor thinks the subject matter is appropriate, it would be placed
in a "review" area. The URL of the articles in review could be sent
to reviewers and to interested parties doing related research. After
the review comments are sent in, and the author has had a chence to
polish up the article, it would be moved to the main article area, and
linked to the main journal index page.

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