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Re: publishing on the web

>From: jpoling@infinet.com (Jeff Poling)
 >    Not necessarily.  I admit I've not seen one of these journals ... but I'm
 > assuming they're put together nicely with professional figures and whatnot.
 > Unless your printer and software package is capable of printing out a
 > document that looks just as good, you might as well spend the money on the
 > professional publication.

Not really.  Most people just photocopy articles.  Generally only
libraries, corporations, and professors on grants actually *subscribe*
to a journal! [With the exception of the cheaper ones like _Science_
and _Nature_].

Even the rather basic printer we have here at work does pictures
better than a photocopy machine does.  My printer at home even does
color (and it isn't exactly top of the line either)!

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