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Re: publishing on the web

>Remember that most expenses to receive journals are now at the user's
>expenses (unless it is trhough a library - which still ultimately
>costs the user money - tuition or taxes).  so claiming that this aspect
>of web publishing bad, is merely short-sighted.

   Not necessarily.  I admit I've not seen one of these journals ... but I'm
assuming they're put together nicely with professional figures and whatnot.
Unless your printer and software package is capable of printing out a
document that looks just as good, you might as well spend the money on the
professional publication.

   What might be a compromise is to figure out a way to put up a file of the
paper already formatted, figured, paginated, footnoted, etc. for
professional output, d/l it, and print it out on your own printer.
Hmmm....in other words, an FTP site as companion to the Web site.

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