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Re: 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

In a message dated 95-11-14 19:18:10 EST, ArtSippo@aol.com writes:

>The idea that 2LT is the consequence of the statistics of the large scale
>movement of small particles was Boltzmann's theory.  It has several
>significant problems (including the fact that virtually all the known
>thermodynamic processes are temporally reversible so that neither particular
>direction of movement is favored statistically) so that the net entropic
>changes are only approximated by the statistical equations.  There is
>"something else" which seems to drive 2LT and it appears to be related to
>temporal assymetry.  Several processes (eg. the decay of the k-pion) are not
>temporally symmetrical and there may be some quantizing of molecular states
>which drives entropy forward.  For example, in some systems where chaos math
>functions are active, quantum phenomena appear to "damp out" chaos and
>"create" linear paths toward predictable final states.  2LT is not a
>statistical fluke.  It represents something deeper which is not fully
>understood yet.

The problem is that we--that is, I--do not understand what drives time
"forward"--in the direction of increasing entropy--rather than backward.
Maybe somebody else does.

By the way, does anybody out there object to this kind of posting on a
dinosaur list?