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Pet Peeve # 361

In the PLANET OF LIFE episode on dinosaurs they had some very nice computer
animation of barosaurs. What almost spoiled it was the silly crashing sound
every time one of the sauropods put a foot down. You can barely hear an
elephant as it walks by on its padded feet, and the same would have been true
of sauropods. The foot pad loading of sauropods was only a little higher than
in elephants. Also, the barosaurs moved too slowly, the trackways show they
walked at at elephant like speeds with an elephant like stride frequency.
Only the most enormous super-sauropods would have had a slow motion
appearance as they walked about 3-4 mph. 

The reason for such nonsense was because the producers did not know better,
and/or they thought it jazzed the scene up. Every single dinosaur program I
have seen has had serious and basic errors in them, again because they are
produced by media folks who do not know what they are doing. What needs to be
done is for a dinosaur paleontologist to co-produce a series on dinosaurs.
That way at least the basic facts would be straight.