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Dinos on the WEB? Please respond

In response to my recent posting on paleontologists publishing technical
papers on the Web, a person in Indianapolis has offered to help set up the
means for doing so. Actually, I was mentioning the problem in a rather
abstract way, but this offer brings matters to a more practical level. Fact
is, many fields of science are publishing on the Web. The journal-review
system is achingly slow, and is actually  hindering the progress of
dinosaurology. There needs to be a faster way of exchanging technical data
and opinions.

So, what I am interested in are opinions by those active in publishing and
reading technical papers (you know who you are) about paleontology being
published on-line. Both from the perspective of whether it is a good idea in
general, and in terms of practicality (how many have access to the Web,
etc.). So let's make this board useful, and get some response here. It's been
getting pretty dull of late.  Post messages on this board, or to me directly.