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Great Mambo Dinosaurs

We truly do live in a weird and wonderful universe. And James Burke is
correct, it's all connected. A good friend of mine said that a friend of his
(a science writer) recommended that I read  GREAT MAMBO CHICKEN & THE
TRANSHUMAN CONDITION 1989 Ed Regis. GMC&TThC starts with Evel Knievel's
flight across the Snake River back in 74, and ends with, well the End of the
Universe. In between it discusses the evolution of robotics I have been
working on. 

I have also been working on the hypothesis of terramegathermy, which argues
that land giants over one tonne must have high metabolic rates in order to
 the large, powerful hearts needed to oxygenate the large limb muscles needed
to carry great mass in 1 Gravity, and to pump blood up tall necks. Because
many dinosaurs were over 1 tonne, high energy budgets are suggested.

Now the Regis book discusses Great Mambo Chickens. You see, a couple of
decades ago some good folks decided to see what would happen  if bipeds like
us if they grew up in a multi G environment. One of those NASA related sort
of things. Not finding any suitable humans available, they gave chicks a many
month spin in a large centrifuge. The birds did quite well. In fact, they
grew up to be super chickens, with massive bones, little fat, oversized
muscles, and OVERSIZED HEARTS!  

(I wonder if reptiles have been raised in high G environments. If anyone
knows please respond.)

A sauropod growing in 1 G was probably a lot like a chicken growing in 3 G.
In order to thrive, an enormous heart with a rate of oxygen consumption well
above reptilian levels was probably required just to exist in the high eneegy
field. In this view, the hypothesis that land animals bigger than land
mammals had lower energy budgets is as odd as it is illogical. 

The reptilian megadinosaur never was!

Long lived was the Great Mambo Dinosaur!