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Re: "Human" & dino prints

Glen Kuban (paleo@ix.netcom.com) writes more about the Paluxy tracks:

> Until my work documenting this phenomena in the early 1980's, which
> I continued and extended in the mid 1980's in collaboration with Ron
> Hastings, such metatarsal tracks were largely unknown.

If you have access to the web and would like to know more about the
tracks, you can read an article that Ron Hastings has up on the
talk.origins archives:


If you're interested in creationism in general (e.g. if you want to
see the standard 2nd law arguments and their rebuttals), go to the top
level of the t.o archives by just leaving off the /faqs/paluxy.html in
the above URL.  It's also possible to access the archives via ftp or
e-mail; ask me for details if you can't use the web (by far the
preferred method).

Happy hunting!

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)