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Re: Fight or flight?

>From: ornstn@inforamp.net (Ronald Orenstein)
 > > ... and then they are going too fast to stop.
 > >
 > >swf@elsegundoca.attgis.com          sarima@netcom.com
 > Having been, on one memorable occasion, the object of a Black Rhino's
 > "curiosity" (while in a vehicle, thank heavens), I can tell you that while
 > this behaviour may not, indeed, be meant as a threat, it certainly has the
 > capability (for this bipedal primate at least) to scare the living s*** out
 > of you.
And it is *still* dangerous, as three tons of animal can't stop very fast.

So, either way, you have to be *very* carful around rhinos.

swf@elsegundoca.attgis.com              sarima@netcom.com

The peace of God be with you.