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Re: Second Law of Thermodynamics

Why is it that all discussions within the creationist/evolutionist debacle=
 come down to the existance of God?  Surely this is *irrelevant* to the=
 topic at hand.  The real questions here is: How old is the Earth? and How=
 did it get here?  Science has solved the basic tenants of these questions. =
 This is where our focus should be, and any discussions on the existance of=
 God left for a theological listserve.

As I have said before, one doesn't have to be an atheist to be a good=
 scientist, to claim otherwise is to perpetuate the arguments.  We don't=
 realize that the general public see this "debate" as choosing God or=
 choosing science.  If we continue to play by these rules, we will never get=
 anywhere.  We all could wise up on this one.


If pro is the opposite of con,
then is progress the opposite of Congress?