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Re: Creationists' Footprints

>Creationists have longed claimed that there are Dinosaur trackways that
>also have humanoid footprints. The most famous site of alleged
>juxtaposition of humanoid and dinosaur prints is at Paluxy in Texas. The
>claims have been around for a long time but now even the creationists are
>hestitant to claim that there are humanoid footprints. It has been shown
>that the "footprints" are actually dinosaur prints and/or forgeries. Still
>some creationists cling to the belief that there are human prints alongside
>dinosaur prints. I think that recently there were a series of posts
>recently concerning the indentification of the footprints.

Right.  The basic idea is that these tracks are actually the tracks of 
theropods in a flat-footed stalk (toes up).  Greg Paul's book on theropods 
gives a good analysis of what has happened if you're interested in a more 
thorough explanation.


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