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Creationists' Footprints

On Mon, 13 Nov 1995 20:55:28, DLarwa@aol.com said,

>I had a teacher in my science presentation today who was not concerned about
>the 2nd law of thermodynamic but rather footprints.  She was a creationist
>and wanted to know if we (our publishing company) included any information
>and pictures of human tracks which have been found with dinosaur tracks.  If
>not why not as she felt we should also present this factual information to
>students.  Help!  Anyone know what she is refering to.   Thanks.

Creationists have longed claimed that there are Dinosaur trackways that
also have humanoid footprints. The most famous site of alleged
juxtaposition of humanoid and dinosaur prints is at Paluxy in Texas. The
claims have been around for a long time but now even the creationists are
hestitant to claim that there are humanoid footprints. It has been shown
that the "footprints" are actually dinosaur prints and/or forgeries. Still
some creationists cling to the belief that there are human prints alongside
dinosaur prints. I think that recently there were a series of posts
recently concerning the indentification of the footprints.

The claim first surfaced (I think in print) in the second edition of
Whitcomb and Morris' "The Genesis Flood" (1961). The third edition however
revised the claims. The claims resurfaced again in Henry Morris'
"Scientific Creationism" (1974) and other creationist books ("The Natural
Sciences Know Nothing of Evolution" (1981)by A.E. Wilder Smith and Wysong's
"The Creation-Evolution Controversy" (1976)).

In 1985 Henry and John Morris of the Insitute for Creation Research finally
admiited that the tracks are, at best, inconclusive with regards to the
claims that there are human footprints along dinosaur footprints. Yet the
most recent creation book I have, "Dinosaurs, The Bible, Barney and Beyond
(1994)" by Phil Phillips repeats the claim that there a human and dinosaur
tracks together at Paluxy. There is also a retelling of Baugh's pterosaur

I now return you back to your scheduled newslist.


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